Case Studies

These are Actual Case Studies of Businesses that we have done an analysis on or we are currently working with.


We respect our Client's confidentiality and their request to prevent any spamming or any type of unwanted solicitation - Therefore we can not share their information or pages. 

Case Study

Where is your traffic coming from and what are you doing to keep them on your website or get them to do something?

Consistent Marketing Works!

LinkedIn Analytics

You can see from this example that if you do not post content consistently your impressions to your brand "Flatline!"


Track Competitor Activity

Did you know you can monitor and track your competitors? You can see their activity and their highest engagement post.

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Case Study

Google Analytics

Did you know you can monitor and track your competitors? You can see their activity and their highest engagement post.

No Marketing Activity or Business Development prior to late Jan 2020


The Statics for Failure is STAGGERING: 

FACT: 50% of Businesses will fail in the 1st year 

FACT: 95% of Businesses will fail within 5 year 


Yet over 90% of Businesses don’t advertise at all!

Video Is King!

Case Study

If you are NOT doing video or producing video content you are absolutely missing out on organic traffic that craves video.

Affordable pricing


We are offering a competitive price of $850 for this whole package!

The retail value is over $3000!

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Google Analytics

Case Study

Are you analyzing where your future is going on your website and planning a strategy to convert them?


"Marketing & Advertising to a business is just like Air, Food & Water for us to Survive."

~Kat Ramirez, 30 Years Experience in Marketing

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I highly recommend connecting with Kat and letting her show you and educate you on the potential for your business. I thought I had Doobert is pretty good shape and headed in the right direction. Kat did a great job opening my eyes to the potential. And now I'm excited!


The Strategy that Works!

Advertising and Marketing work when you remind your future customers when and why to buy or shop you over and over and over again! 

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