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We have over 30 years of experience working with Businesses to Target the Hispanic Marketplace with RESULTS!

Advocating and educating businesses about the advertising and marketing options available to you so you can make a good business decision on your advertising and marketing investments.

We have over 30 years of experience placing and negotiating advertising buys for thousands of businesses.  We are experts in creating strategic Marketing & Advertising plans for any of your Hispanic targeting business needs whether they are for ongoing branding, public relations, calendar events, workshops or sales. 


We are experts in Targeting the Hispanic Market so that you get the Results you Need to Grow Your Business!  Contact us today for a free consultation.

Hispanic Marketing

Educate | Advocate | Empower

Hispanic Marketing Opportunities

Google AdWords
Texting Campaign
Broadcast Television
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Social Media Management
Hispanic Television
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We offer free consultation to help your business grow!

Hispanic Facts:

Why you should be targeting Hispanics:

Hispanics are the Fastest Growing Population

They are loyal to Businesses who talk to them in Spanish

They are and will be your Biggest FANS - They will refer you to everyone!

Hispanics have huge families

Hispanics love Smartphones

Hispanics Love doing things together

Hispanic Love to Pay with Cash


$1.3 trillion US Hispanic Spending Power!


I highly recommend connecting with Kat and letting her show you and educate you on the potential for your business. I thought I had Doobert is pretty good shape and headed in the right direction. Kat did a great job opening my eyes to the potential. And now I'm excited!


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*All Marketing Programs have different results for different businesses, there is no Magic Bullet or Quick FIX marketing. Please keep in mind that Marketing & Advertising work when you are consistent! All Programs require a 30-day notice to cancel that program.