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adBidtise is Disrupting the Advertising Environment with a Virtual Advertising Marketplace!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

adBidtise is a virtual advertising marketplace, with affordable advertising options for businesses with little to no advertising budget so they can Survive, Succeed and Grow! 

adBidtise was created because there are a lot of dreadful statistics for startup businesses. There are over 28 Million small businesses in the US and there are 543,000 new businesses starting up every month, but yet 50% of startup businesses will FAIL in the first year and 95% of startup businesses will FAIL within the first 5 years. These are hard facts, and surprisingly over 65% of businesses don’t do any sort of advertising at all and 70% of small businesses don’t even have a website.

“Advertising to a business is just like Air, Food and Water we need to Survive!”~ Kat says

adBidtise was created to solve a serious problem of affordability and education. adBidtise advocates for small to mid size businesses so they can be educated on all the advertising options that are available to them. We help businesses survive, succeed and grow by educating and empowering small to mid-size businesses about the advertising options that are available to them; how advertising works and what to look for in advertising package so that it is effective for their business in their marketplace. adBidtise is creating transparency, accountability and giving businesses the confidence they need when they are searching and planning their advertising campaigns so they can make a good business decision based on their business needs not corporate media goals.

“The number one reason businesses don’t advertise (over 65%) is because they say they can’t afford it – They can’t afford not to advertise!Kat says.

adBidtise was founded and created by Katherine Ramirez who has over 25 years of experience in the field of advertising in five different markets. Katherine is a respected market leader and dynamic public speaker. She is also a minority business owner and a veteran who proudly served her time with the United States Air Force. She works tirelessly to ensure that we vet out all the media companies that we reach out to who want to earn small to mid size businesses as future customers. We go through every advertising package to make sure the media company is giving us the fairest price so we can deliver that to our business community that want to see different advertising options. Essentially we do all the work, we find all the advertising options, we vet out the media company and we make sure all the advertising packages are thorough with no surprises and spelled out clearly for anyone to understand. Katherine has built her business just as she would recommend to any other business owner and pounded the pavement, knocked on doors to get her business name out in order to succeed by driving traffic and awareness to adBidtise. She has instilled those same traits in her employees, so collectively they can produce the same results for other businesses we work with as a team.

“We are the “Robin Hood of Advertising” we do all the work to help businesses Survive, Succeed and Grow!”~Kat says

The advertising world is very fragmented and very competitive, making it very difficult for any business to know or understand what advertising platform is the best fit for their business. With adBidtise we have created a marketplace very much just like Amazon.com or Hotels.com or AirB&B.com. adBidtise is a tool to help businesses compare advertising, plan for advertising and can be used to help negotiate their advertising just like when you buy a car you have cars.com, autotrader.com and so on. You basically can price out your car with all the features you want and take that information to the car dealer and say I want that car for that price and they will most likely sell something to you close to that. In advertising we don’t have that - WHY? That is what adBidtise is creating, we are creating a marketplace to buy all forms of advertising online. Now businesses can afford advertising and they can plan for advertising and they are now EMPOWERED!  

“adBidtise is the Amazon.com of Advertising – We are the New Way to Buy Advertising!”~Kat says

Katherine is very adamant that all businesses have only two options when it comes to growing their business. “The 1st options is for the business owner to do all the work they pound the pavement and they knock on doors and drag the business to their business. The 2nd option is for the business to pay someone to do it for them, with either a sales person or paid advertising or hiring an advertising company to manage that for them. There is no 3rd option if a business chooses to do nothing they will FAIL!” ~ Katherine says

Nobody wants their business to fail, everybody wants to succeed and be successful, but execution is key in order to see any success. After 25 years of meeting with small to mid size businesses, Katherine understands there are a lot of business owners out there that don’t even know where to start when it comes to effective advertising; that’s where adBidtise fits a serious need to educate and empower businesses about advertising.

adBidtise has helped and will continue to help lots of small to mid size businesses get off the ground and learn the right ways to market their business so that they can survive, succeed and grow. Our goal is to continue to empower and teach businesses about advertising. We want to help as many small to mid size businesses so that they can have the confidence in the advertising decisions they invest in so they can Survive, Succeed and Grow.

“There will not be any Business left behind because they thought they could not afford to advertise.”Kat says.

adBidtise is a virtual advertising marketplace with affordable advertising options for businesses with little to no advertising budget so they can survive, succeed and grow. adBidtise empowers businesses by educating and helping businesses understand all of their advertising options. www.adbidtise.com

Contact Info: info@adbidtise.com 866-607-0767 #ProFinderContest #smallbusiness #survival #advertising #blog or More Info!

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