• Kat Ramirez

Before And After Sales

So you have been running a marketing Ad campaign for about a month now and you are wondering how affective it's been so far. The most common and simplest way to find this information is to compare your sales before, during and after an ad campaign. Keep in mind that advertising often has a delayed effect and can then grow steadily; so sales that result from your ads may not appear in your first month or even your third month.

Looking for a faster way to register results? Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other forms of online business and social outlets all offer multitude of tracking online visitors. Websites are like the new front door of business, and with them you can monitor the number of clicks, views, and downloads instantly and remotely. For most local businesses, the best advertising is the kind that generates awareness of their business and creates a culture around a product, with multiple media sources used; But this can also make it difficult to attach specific results to any one ad.  Tracking this data coupled with sales over time can provide you with valuable feed back.

 These tricks and others like them are just a couple of handy ways to measure Ads effectiveness.  Keep in mind you’re looking for trends over time, not immediate results.  And don't overlook the traditional approach, ask all new customers how they heard about your business.

adBidtise helps small to mid size businesses Survive, Succeed and Grow. Please contact us for a Free Advertising Evaluations with no obligation to do anything, at info@adbidtise.com or 866-607-0767

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