• Kat Ramirez

Best Ways to Advertise a Small Business

Getting your small business off the ground can be tough! Luckily, there are a few simply, yet efficient things, you can do to bring new customers though your doors.


One of the best ways to build your clientele and community is networking. Surrounding yourself with other driven, intelligent, and hard-working people will fuel your own endeavors. A strong network is one of the greatest assets a business person can have, so get out there and shake some hands.


Team up with those people you just networked with and other businesses around town and cross-promote each other. This can be easily done with coupons, flyers, and through social media. Collaborating allows you to reach new potential customers.

Get Involved in your Community

Think local! Local advertising ranges from printing small ads and leaving them around town to having a booth at the farmer’s market to sponsoring a local event. Where does your ideal customer spend their time? Go there and network, volunteer, advertise, or sell your product!

Strengthen Relationships

Establishing strong relationships with your existing customer base is just as important as finding new customers. One easy way to keep in touch is with email marketing. Simply ask customers for their email address when they visit your shop, website, or during a meeting, and add them to your email list. Be sure your emails are professional and informative so your customers look forward to receiving them each week.

Ask for Referrals

If you have regular customers don’t be shy to ask them to refer you to a friend. Even better, ask them to give you a testimonial. The easiest way to give a testimonial is written, but if they are willing ask them to do a video. Videos are great for posting online and will reach more people than a written testimonial!

Provide Samples

If there’s one thing people love it’s free stuff. Some people hesitate to purchase a new product or service, but offering them a sample is an easy, risk-free way to reel them in. Samples can be used as part of your branding (think Costco or Sam’s Club). Chances are if someone tries your product or service they’ll want more.

Coupons, Specials, and Deals

Research shows that people go out of their way to redeem a coupon and use it! Coupons, specials, and deals are a great way to attract new customers and generate return visits. In addition, if you give customers a discount to use in the future it’s extremely likely they will be back.

Start a Blog

Optimize your website’s SEO by creating quality blog posts. You can post as often as you’d like, but it’s important to provide your readers with exciting and informative content so they don’t lose interest!

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