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Buyer Beware! Seriously Beware!

Advertising is an investment and should be managed by an Advertising Expert!

I have this serious pet peeve of mine that I need to vent to YOU! 

I meet a LOT of business owners that have been taken advantage of from people who call themselves “Advertising Experts” “Advertising Consultants” “Marketing Experts” or “Advertising Professional” whatever the label is - it really does not matter - it is all the same - they are people who have reinvented themselves as advertising professionals in the broad arena of SEO, Google AdWords, Website Design, Social Media Management or any other advertising platform. 

Or even companies (All kinds of companies with All kinds of advertising programs) who make unrealistic promises or sell products and services the business owner thinks is one thing and it ends up not being anything near what they thought it was because the salesperson sold them what they wanted to hear to close the DEAL.

Some of these people (A VERY LARGE Percentage) are pop up businesses or people who have watched a few YouTube videos and just reinvented themselves as an “Advertising Expert!” Whether they are an SEO expert, Web design expert, AdWords expert, Social Media expert, or a PR Expert and so on. They prey on businesses that don't know what to look for when hiring an advertising expert. They also make promises that are unrealistic or they never hold themselves accountable to any deliverable results.

Keep in mind advertising is a necessary “INVESTMENT” for your business just like paying the rent, or buying insurance or paying your electric bill or paying your car payment .. You get what I am saying it is a necessary investment to sub-stain and Grow your business! It is seriously IMPORTANT for the survival of any business whether B2B or B2C!

Advertising to a Businesss is just like Air, Food and Water for us to Survive!

Kat Ramirez

What is baffling to me is when I invest in stock my contact is a licensed trained professional, when I invest in real estate my contact is a licensed trained broker, when I buy insurance to protect my business my contact is a licensed trained insurance agent, when I hire an attorney my contact is a licensed trained legal professional, when I hire an accountant my contact is a licensed trained accountant.


Why would you NOT hold your ADVERTISING professional to be in the same type of training, professionalism, and expertise as any other Professional who manages your other Investments? Especially if they are going to be managing your HARD EARNED money through an Advertising Investment?

The Reality is - When I talk to businesses - all kinds of businesses and all sizes - they tell me stuff like: “Oh my daughter manages my advertising” or “We have an employee who loves social media they are managing our advertising” or “I do it when I have time” (which is NEVER) or “We hire interns to do all of our advertising” or "We don't advertise we rely 100% on referrals from our partners" or "We have a friend who does advertising on the side" and I could go on and on with the various answers I get about how they make shortcuts and cut corners for their advertising investment - But You Get It! 

This is absolutely one of the biggest and most important investments into your business but yet it is treated like a useless tool that is kicked to the corner at any given moment with an attitude of “Oooh if we can get to it we will do something if not Oooh Well!”

WHY? I DON’T understand why Advertising ISN’T a PRIORITY?

Personally - I would not hire a cousin to do my legal work just because they like “Law In Order” or they are on a debate team and I would not give my accounting to my sister just because she LOVES numbers and I need it done and it sounds good at the time and it is cheap or free or whatever other reason.

Who would do that? 

Advertising is the SAME! Why would you treat it like a hobby? Or a non-necessity? Advertising is what is going to Grow and Drive your business!

Without Advertising you will GO OUT of BUSINESS!

I DARE you - take $1,000 of your hard earned money and give it to a “Friend” “Cousin” “Daughter” or “Strange Person who Says they are an Expert in Numbers” and have them invest that for you just because they LOVE numbers and let’s see what happens to your investment?


You're doing that when you don’t hire a Professionally Trained Advertising Consultant with Experience! You're trusting all your hard earned money on someone who is not proven or experienced and that person will just BLOW your money away by gambling it on what they “Think” is the best thing for you - just randomly with no thought process or expertise.. Really?


Please Please PLEASE do your Homework! Advertising is an INVESTMENT! And it should be managed by a trained non-biased professional who has ONLY your best interests in mind so you do get a RETURN!






MAKE Sure they ONLY have YOUR BEST Interest and Your Business GOALS in Mind!

Just because someone says they are an “EXPERT” does not mean he or she is – PUSH back and find out what Experience he or she has - Does he or she have any training? Does he or she have any Success Record? Do they hold themselves accountable? Do they practice what they preach? Do they stay educated and involved in the advertising arena with mentors, leaders, and workshops to stay up to date?

Please Please Please protect yourself and please protect your MOST VALUABLE INVESTMENT – YOUR BUSINESS! 

WARNING & CAUTION: YouTube is NOT considered Professional Training nor is experimenting with advertising as a hobby considered Professional Experience!

Kat Ramirez, CEO

Educating and Advocating for Businesses!

Over 30 years experience helping hundreds of Businesses Survive, Succeed & Grow!

The Robin Hood of Advertising!

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