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Have You Ever Felt Completely Confused & Taken Advantage Of?

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Have you ever thought, "This has to be Too Good to Be True?"

You are Not Alone!

Have you ever had a conversation with an advertising representative while they try to sell you a program, and they tell you that program is going to bring you ALL the results you NEED, and you have to BUY NOW to get this deal!

I meet with LOTS of Business Owners every week who come to me after they have bought into some advertising program where the advertising representative has completely confused the owner about exactly what they are buying and what the expectations are and what the results they will deliver are going to be. The business owner is SOLD a bunch of broken promises or unrealistic expectations and then the business owner does not know how to hold the advertising company accountable or get their money back for the advertising investment they were assured would DELIVER all these broken promises.

This is absolutely unprofessional and potentially a huge scam!

I am so against advertising reps pushing their product because they NEED to reach a Corporate Goal, or a Corporate Budget or a Corporate Initiative (some kind of advertising package listed as a Special Offer). They don't care about actually helping the business with their needs and goals. They push these products on you for the selfish reason to make BUDGET for the advertising company they represent. Let me tell you as a previous Sales Manager this type of selling happens ALL the time! It is standard practice and typical training for advertising sales representatives.

My advice to any business owner is haveCAUTION - If it sounds too good to be true then it is TO GOOD TO BE TRUE! RUN!

Your advertising investment needs to achieve YOUR business goals and fit YOUR business budget, that is how advertising works EFFECTIVELY! You have to be prepared to invest in your advertising for the LONG HAUL! Advertising is NOT a one time event, it is NOT a magic button, and it is NOT going to drive tons of traffic and leads to you overnight, that is NOT REALISTIC!

Unless you have a huge advertising investment budget you have to be strategic with your advertising dollars. Let me say it again "YOU HAVE TO BE STRATEGIC WITH YOUR ADVERTISING DOLLARS!" Advertising works! You have to know the best advertising platforms for your business needs. There are no One-Size fits all programs that work for every business nor are there any Cookie Cutter Programs that work for every business!

Your business is unique and the person that makes any advertising investment recommendations should do a very thorough analysis of your business before they recommend any program to you.

No one should ever approach you with a program to SELL without having a conversation with you FIRST!

Everyone wants to sell you something! EVERYONE! Even the people who don't care if the advertising program works for you or not. How can you tell if someone is sincerely interested in helping you - They will LISTEN to your business needs and goals!

Be very cautious with your advertising investment and get to know the person who is making the advertising recommendations to you. Check them out! Google search them, and search their company's public reviews or complaints. Check out their LinkedIn profile to see what kind of experience they have, did they do advertising or marketing for years or is this something they do now and their history is completely different and misaligned for any experience with advertising or marketing. Protect yourself, protect your advertising investment decisions and protect your business from being set up to fail.

Protect yourself and do your research and homework before you make any advertising investment decisions!

There are so many fly by the night advertising companies and representatives trying to get rich from selling you a program that they promise will deliver all the things you need it to do. Don't be fooled and please don't get conned into these programs. There are lots of people trying to capitalize on other people's desperation to get more traffic or leads please be careful. There are also lots of people trying to pretend they are Google or Facebook and scamming people asking them for money to get their business listing up or some other sort of scam. Google business listings are FREE so are Facebook business pages.

Again don't be fooled or conned and just protect yourself and your business. If you find yourself in a situation where you just aren't sure about the advertising options that are available to you just reach out to a resource to help you out. adBidtise is a great resource for any business to help you understand all your advertising options. We consult with you for free and vet out any of the advertising options you are considering so that you can make the best advertising investment for your business needs.

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