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How to get started with Advertising?

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

How to get started with Advertising…It’s easier than you think! Just follow through these 4 EASY steps! 

  • Goals:

You can’t advertise until you set some basic goals! Setting goals right away is an easy way to prioritize exactly what your company needs so you can get the most out of advertising! Set measurable goals.  The easier it is for you to track your success the easier it will be to see the difference advertising makes!

  1. Do you want to increase overall sales? By how much? Over what amount of time?

  2. Do you want to grow your client base? By how much? Over what amount of time?

  3. Do you want to appeal to a different audience? What are your new audience’s interests or needs?

  • Investment:

Figuring out how much you can invest will help you determine what type of advertising your company should be considering! Start small; when your company starts to grow, so can your advertising.  

  1. A good starting base for advertising is around 5% of your company’s annual revenue---although as little as 1% can buy a productive advertising campaign according to a Business Week contributor.

  2. Research and experiment to see what will work best for your company.  Invest on a short term basis and determine if it’s helping your business---if not, reevaluate and switch investments to a more productive advertising campaign.

  • Details:

Small details can play a HUGE role in your company’s advertising plan! Sort these things out before you decide on an advertising plan.

  1. Who is your targeted audience? What platforms are they most likely to see or listen to? Print? Radio? Online?

  2. What is your companies main selling point(s)? Decide exactly what you want to be selling in your advertising campaign. 

  3. Who is your competition? Knowing their strengths and weaknesses helps you to showcase how you company or service is unique!

  4. What is changing in your industry? Knowing the most up-to-date information will help your company stay ahead of the curve and beat out other competition!

  5. When is the best time of year to advertise? Research when your audience is most likely to buy so you can decide the best time for your company to advertise. Ex. If you’re a bicycle company, you probably don’t want to be advertising in the dead of winter. 

  • Direct vs. Network Agency Buying:

Direct is buying advertising space directly from a website owner.  While Network/Agency is buying advertising space through a third party company.  Both are great options but knowing the pros and cons of each will help you make the best choice for your company!

  • Direct Buying

  1. Pros- get direct access to a high quantity of traffic, especially online. 

  2. Cons- can be a risky investment if you don’t have time to do the proper research!

  • Agency Buying

  1. Pros- Agencies set up your advertising very quickly.  They also allow you to make changes quickly and easily. Working with an advertising professional will give you insight on how to optimize your advertising purchases

  2. Cons- can be slightly more costly

Remember adBidtise is here to help anyway we can so that you make the right business decision to help your business grow. Our mission is to help businesses Survive, Succeed and GROW. We offer free advertising education & EMPOWERMENT to Small to Mid Size Businesses. adBidtise will teach you about advertising and we will hold your hand and walk you though the advertising process so that you understand it and have confidence in the advertising you choose to do. Our founder has over 25 years of advertising experience helping small to mid size businesses survive, succeed and grow. We always offer Free Advertising Evaluations with no obligation to do anything, please contact us at info@adbidtise.com or 866-607-0767

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