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LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy: Ultimate Guide for LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is the most powerful platform for generating tons of new B2B business leads, and it's free. You will be able to reach your targeted audience without paying any ad fee. You may be shocked to know that LinkedIn's lead conversion rates are more than three times higher and the cost per lead is lower than any other major advertising networks.

Are you spending a huge amount of time doing useless LinkedIn lead generation? You did everything and I know you did your best. You posted videos and a lot of content, and still no results? If you are having trouble generating high-quality potential business leads, follow this complete LinkedIn lead generation strategy guide to find your targeted leads on LinkedIn. In this article, you will learn how to grow your connections and leads on LinkedIn and generating leads on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn is the Best Platform for Lead Generation?

According to Forbes research, LinkedIn is the no.1 social media platform for generating new business leads. With more than 675M active users, without any doubt, LinkedIn is the best ad platform for lead generation both for online or offline B2B businesses and companies. So, certainly, LinkedIn has tremendous potential for generating tons of leads. The reason behind every successful lead generation is the proper lead generation strategy.

It is a well-known fact that Facebook has more active users than any other social media platform. That's why most of the businesses try to generate leads on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. They desperately spend their time and money to obtain potential leads from these social media platforms. But believe it or not? More than 80% of leads are generating from LinkedIn. LinkedIn has more business-focused people than Facebook or other social media. That's why implementing the effective lead generation strategies can get you huge targeted leads to improve your conversions and business significantly.

Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies for Conversion Improvement

Here are some best LinkedIn lead generation strategies that actually work and will help you to stand out your business and further improve it with the successful improvement of your conversions too. Let's dive in!

Improve LinkedIn Profile: Make Your LinkedIn Profile Unique

The first and foremost strategy of collecting leads from LinkedIn and improve your conversion rate is having a unique and outstanding profile. An outstanding, organized and optimized profile can get you more connection requests and engagements as well. Update, improve your LinkedIn profile and optimize it for conversions. A fully optimized LinkedIn profile definitely stands out from other LinkedIn profiles and also creates a good impression that will attract more people to visit your profile. People tend to send a connection request to someone if they like his/her profile. Moreover, while your profile is optimized, if you send a connection request to them, they will also accept your requests more frequently. So, you will acquire new users, you will generate new leads every day and you will be able to sell your service or product more which results in increasing the conversion rate gradually.

LinkedIn Content Marketing: Offer Valuable Content to the Community

Publishing valuable and engaging content is the best way to generate new leads and reach more potential business clients. Make more and more connections and offer them valuable content, you can get tons of leads through your LinkedIn posts. When you are offering a lot of valuable content to your visitors, you are not only publishing a piece of post, you are gaining people's trust and you are representing yourself as an expert in your industry to your ideal clients. Your published content gets shared with your followers and connections in the news feed. If someone shares your content, you may get more connections and followers for free.

Always try to create actionable content, teach your audience something really valuable. You may share your own experience or story in improving your own or someone else’s business. You may also describe your own business strategies you used to get to successful results or you can tell them about the latest algorithm of LinkedIn marketing or Google. If your post goes viral, you will surely get a lot of connections and engagements which will eventually generate leads for your business.

LinkedIn SEO: Don't Forget to Optimize Your Article!

While posting valuable content is important, do not forget to optimize the content too. You must implement some basic SEO strategy to stand out your content. Do not forget to make your headlines catchy, engaging and intriguing. Keep the article focus keyword in headings and sub-headings. Before writing the content, research some latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords and related keywords and add them to your article. But, do not stuff your keywords, which may damage the readability and credibility of your content.

Increase LinkedIn Activity: Be Active on LinkedIn

Increase your availability on LinkedIn. Send connection requests who are actually related to your business. Increase LinkedIn activity. Post regularly. That is a good habit. Posting daily updates is a great way to stay top of mind with your connections and followers. To post on a regular basis, you do not have to write and publish unique content. You may share your website blog post or YouTube channel videos too.

Join the LinkedIn groups that match your interests. Generally, groups are the virtual space where people from the same interest can discuss anything, share insights and thoughts and ask questions. Be active in those groups too. Because it is the place where you can build and enhance your network with your potential leads. Answer the questions, provide solutions or offering resources that are relevant to the question or conversation. Go natural. Do not promote your service or product immediately to anyone. Create a good relationship with each potential leads, they will surely ask you for assistance when required.

Engage & Build Strong Relationship with Your Potential Customers

The best way to make a deal with someone is by building a great relationship with them. Engage with your targeted audience. Before sending a connection request, analyze them, find their interests. Check out their activity and the content they have written or shared. Look out whether their interests are similar to you or not? When your connection request has been accepted, continue to engage with those connections regularly. Congratulate them on their business success, endorsing them for their skills, thank them if they share valuable resources. If you do such things, they will easily remember you and they will get engaged with you too. They will likely leave a comment about your service or product when they will see your articles or updates in their feeds. The engagement will gradually warm up to your lead. Before offering something, provide free suggestions and actionable plan to solve their problems. They will surely use your expertise to solve their problems.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads: Use LinkedIn Advertising Network

To acquire the most amount of reach and increase brand awareness, sponsored content is the most effective strategy. Sponsored content is the key and wonderfully effective to draw new people's attention, which helps to generate consistent new steam of high-quality connections and leads. Take advantage of the LinkedIn advertising system. Sponsored ads will show in the LinkedIn feed across mobile and desktop. You have the option to specify your targeted audience when you will run the lead generation ads campaign. Use Direct Sponsored Content to share your content in the LinkedIn feed without publishing the content on your LinkedIn page.

Furthermore, you can also use Sponsored InMail, Lead Gen Forms, or Dynamic Ads and Display Ads to sponsor your content, your profile or Ads.

Endnote on LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is the best place to generate new business leads. Generating new leads is not so difficult. Optimize your profile properly, create actionable, engaging and valuable content to reach out to new connections, try to make more connections and build a strong relationship with your connections. Your connections and followers will be converted into your potential leads.

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