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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

As a new business owner your initial investment should be a very important millstone for you. This represents your "buy in" the beginnings of a journey that, with hard work and creativity, will lead to new levels of success and financial freedom for yourself, your family, and even your community. In fact the only thing that might be as important, potentially more, to a new business will be turning a profit. After you've began to make yourself some money you may began to ask yourself "How much have I actually made myself since my initial investment?", well one way of doing this is by calculating your ROI or return on investment.

Yes, as wild as it may seem, there is already a statistic for this information and a formula to calculate it. ROI( Return on Investment) is calculated by dividing your Net Profit by your Investment cost  (net/Inv), this number you take and multiply by one hundred to get a percentage.

If you're not quite sure what your net profit is its simply the amount of money you have left over after the bills are paid. This information can easily be used to find out the profitability on other kinds of investments for your new business, other than just the cost of actually running your new business , such as adverting investments.

It is stated by many business professionals that the important investment for your is advertising. By calculating the ROI you gain the ability to see the effectiveness of a particular Advertising campaign. ROI can also be useful when comparing the cost of business of working with new  partners, ordering materials, comparing shipping prices, and comparing many other variables. Now, the easily manipulatable nature of this test does cause issue when dealing with competitors or new partners, it also does not account for time spent in an investment. Fifteen present ROI over one year is allot better than the same over two years.

That being noted ROI can be an extremely useful tool when searching for new investors. Many investors will want to know not just how profitable their investment will be, not to you, but to them. By keeping up to date with your spending and ROI you will be able to come up with an return of investment estimate for potential investors over time by keeping up with your ROI. Monitoring investment returns can be a disheartening experience in the beginning, but over time you'll begin to gain a since of pride watching the numbers skyrocket. The return of your initial investment should be an symbolic and exciting moment for all new businesses, and the return of every investment thereafter is a essential key to success for any company. 

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