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Tag? You're "IT"


Various business owners don’t have a tagline or positioning statement and wonder what’s the point of having one. Other business owners have a tagline, but still don’t really understand the significance behind it. As a business man/woman it is important that individuals comprehend the positive effects a tagline can have on a company if it is done correctly.

One of the most important things a tagline can do is help set a company apart from other companies that may offer the same product or services. The goal is to assure your company’s success by doing everything in your power to set yourself apart from the individuals who are in the same line of work. The bad news is for the most part every business has a competitor. The good news is competitors are very healthy and they can never copy another company’s tagline, service of business or reputation.

Business owners should also realize that a good tagline can increase the companies value as it progresses and builds longevity. If you create a tagline that is memorable to the public it will generate a bigger following. We as people like things that are easy to remember and familiar to us. For instance, let’s say I owned a record label and I was trying to sign an artist who is relatively new to the music industry; the artist has another label interested in them as well. Although the artist may not be too familiar with either label trying to sign him/her, my record label may have a well-known tagline the artist has heard before whereas the other label doesn’t have a tagline. That artist is more than likely going to go with my label because he/she was able to make a connection based on the fact that I had a memorable tagline that many people have heard somewhere before. Although this is a broader example, it works the same way for small businesses.

When Starting a business, the goal is to STAND OUT and reach as many people as possible to ensure the company’s success. While there are many other things that go into having a successful business, what some people don’t understand is every little detail can potentially be a big deal depending on who you ask. Everybody looks for different things in a company when they are considering supporting. The best way to guarantee success to cover all basis and leave nothing to the imagination; that includes having the perfect tagline.

We hope this information is helpful to you please keep us in mind with all your advertising needs, we want to be a resource to you. We offer Free Advertising Evaluations with no obligation to do anything, please contact us at info@adbidtise.com or 866-607-0767 to schedule yours today.

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