• Kat Ramirez

Videoscore, led by former Green Bay Packer, has partnered with adBidtise

Racine & Milwaukee, WI-  Videoscore founder and CEO Darryl Ingram is thrilled to announce a NEW partnership with adBidtise as his company’s advertising resource!

“Kat Ramirez and her associates at adBidtise will greatly contribute to the continued growth and awareness of Videoscore and its mission in several key markets and vital demographics. In many ways Kat’s experience, relationships and skill set will serve our partnership well.” says Darryl Ingram, founder and Managing Partner of Videoscore. 

Videoscore was originally incorporated in December of 2001, located in El Cajon (San Diego Area) California. With a NEW location in Racine, WI and adBidtise’s advertising expertise, Videoscore is working to stimulate business in the Wisconsin area.

“We look forward to a partnership with Darryl Ingram and Videoscore where we will bring awareness to students and their families within our community.” says Katherine Ramirez, Founder and CEO of adBidtise.

adBidtise is a virtual advertising marketplace for affordable advertising options from a variety of advertising platforms.  Small to mid size businesses in our community really 

don’t know all of the advertising options that are available to them. adBidtise empowers businesses by helping them understand all of their advertising options. 


Videoscore’s mission is to help every talented student-athlete trade their athletic and academic ability for a quality college education. Videoscore and its affiliates, operates as a consulting resource available to student-athletes and their families who are looking for guidance in earning scholarships and becoming a collegiate student athlete. For additional information see www.videoscoresports.com.

Videoscore Contact:                                                                       



press@adbidtise.com | 866-607-0767 | www.adbiditse.com

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