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What Are Retargeting Ad Campaigns?

What Are Retargeting Ad Campaigns & Why Are They So Important! 

Whether you are a Big Box Brand Shop or a Small to Mid Size Business retargeting is a great way to market your business.  We’ve all seen them.  Internet advertisements that perfectly match the things we were just searching for.  They’re a clever way of reminding us to revisit the websites we have currently been searching.   In fact, while writing this article Facebook showed me a retargeted ad about retargeting companies I had just been searching.  It really does works!  

You may wonder how these companies are able to find you wherever you go on the internet.  Well, wonder no longer! Retargeting is one of the best ways to improve your company’s presence online and to bring customers back to your website.

Most of the time only 2% of your websites traffic results in conversion! That means 98% of potential customers are leaving your website with their shopping carts empty.  Retargeting ads help bring that 98% back to your website to become customers!

There are two types of retargeting ads, pixel-based and list-based.  Both work, you just have to decide which is a better option for your company.

Pixel-Based works by adding a simple piece of JavaScript to the footer of your website.  This is a code that leaves a “cookie” on the browser of your website’s visitors.  Once the cookie is placed, whenever that visitor is searching the world wide web, the cookie will tell previously placed retargeting platforms to send specific ads to the websites they are visiting.  Therefore, your potential customers will be reminded of your website wherever they go on the internet. 

Advantages to pixel-based retargeting ads are pretty great.  It releases ads to other websites almost immediately after the visitors leave your website, awesome right?  The only bad side is that the amount of people in your retargeting ad campaigns depends on how many people are visiting your website.  If your websites traffic is low, your retargeting ad campaign will reflect that.   

List-Based works a little differently than the previously mentioned.  This way may also be slightly more user friendly if you do not have someone familiar with website construction.  This type of retargeting ad allows you to simply take your list of existing contacts and upload the email addresses to social media websites or other platforms.  This allows you to retarget ads to a specificgroup of contacts. 

This type of retargeting is great because it is extremely customizable since you’re hand-picking who goes on your lists, and platforms usually make it super easy to create these lists.  The downside is that some customers or visitors may use a different email address for work than they do for their leisure internet surfing.  Therefore, the contacts you enter wont actually be drawing anyone to your website. 

Retargeting is a great way to increase traffic on your company’s website and create awareness.  Re-engaging your potential customers will help increase conversions and help you have an overall more successful business!

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