• Kat Ramirez

Why Consumer Reviews are Critical for Small Business Success

Online reviews are more important now than ever.  If you don’t believe me, look up a product on Amazon.  What’s the first thing you notice?  If it’s the number of stars the product has, you are like many other consumers today.

A recent in-depth survey conducted by Search Engine Land found that 88% consumers say they trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.   Additionally, a study by Dimensional Research found that 90% of consumers claimed their buying decisions could be influenced by seeing positive online reviews.

With numbers like these, it is clear that online reviews have the power to make or break a sale.  Thanks to mobile devices like smartphones, consumers can check reviews of products while they see them in stores.  A study by Verdict Research found that 51% of consumers will use mobile devices to check reviews while they are in a store.

Reviews are especially important for small and local businesses.  The Search Engine Land survey also found that 88% of consumers read reviews of local businesses to determine if they want to do business with them.  39% of consumers say that they do this on a regular basis and 67% say they will read up to six reviews to determine if they trust a local business.

All businesses should care about reviews.  Encourage your customers to write reviews of your business on your business page in either Facebook, Yelp, Google and all the others that are out there. Businesses also can learn from customer reviews.  By reading reviews of their own company, business owners can learn what customers like and don’t like about their customer experience. Make sure if you ask your customers for a review make it easy for them to review your business by including a hot link to the review section where you want them to leave the review maybe include two places incase they don't have a google account or Facebook account and so on.

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