Sample Work

These are actual samples of Businesses that we have done work with pass or present. Please note our programs are not cookie cutter they are tailored for your needs.


We respect our Client's confidentiality and their request to prevent any spamming or any type of unwanted solicitation - Therefore we can not share their information or pages. 

Sample Work

All work shown here has been copyrighted and is the property of either the client or adBidtise. 

Logo Design


Interested and Have Questions - Let's talk!

Website Design/Development

We have done over 100 different websites for all types of clients from different industries. If you don't see something that you are looking for please reach out! We can send you samples that are more related to what you are looking for. 


The Statistics for Failure is STAGGERING: 

FACT: 50% of Businesses will fail in the 1st year 

FACT: 95% of Businesses will fail within 5 year 


Yet over 80% of Businesses don’t advertise at all!

Branding Guides

Affordable pricing

Printing Services

Business Cards, Brochures, Yard Signs, Postcards, and so Much More!

Business Card Design

Email Templates


"Marketing & Advertising to a business is just like Air, Food & Water for us to Survive."

~Kat Ramirez, 30 Years Experience in Marketing

Social Media Cover Photos


I highly recommend connecting with Kat and letting her show you and educate you on the potential for your business. I thought I had Doobert is pretty good shape and headed in the right direction. Kat did a great job opening my eyes to the potential. And now I'm excited!


Advertising and Marketing Work!

For Advertising and Marketing to work you have to remind your current and future customers when and why to shop you over and over and over every single day! 

People don't always need you now, you have to invest in branding your business to your future customers and you have to earn their business.

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Helping Businesses Stand Out, & Grow!

Veteran-Owned, Minority-Owned & Woman-Owned!



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*All Marketing Programs have different results for different businesses, there is no Magic Bullet or Quick FIX marketing. Please keep in mind that Marketing & Advertising work when you are consistent! All Programs require a 30-day notice to cancel that program.