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We have over 30 years of experience working with thousands of businesses all over the United States

Advocating and educating businesses about the advertising and marketing options available to you so you can make a good business decision on your advertising and marketing investments.

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We help you understand the advertising you currently have in place or any advertising you are considering.  We vet out advertising options for you so you get the BEST advertising program for your business needs and budget. 


We work with any business whether B2B or B2C so that you don't get taken advantage of because you don't know everything there is to know about how advertising works, how it can be effective, and how it should be priced. 



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Frequently asked questions

How do I know the advertising I am doing is right for me?

Great question.. what you need to know immediately is not all advertising is right for every business. Are you asking your customers "How did you hear about us?" although old school it is an important question to ask.

How do I know if the advertising I am investing in is working?

Advertising WORKS! You just have to know the RIGHT advertising for your business needs. You can find this out if you meet with an advertising consultant. The next step would be watching or seeing your new customers are they coming from completely different places?

When can I stop advertising?

NEVER! Advertising to a business is just like air, food and water for us to survive. Businesses have to keep reminding people to shop them whether you are B2B or B2C

What if I don't have any advertising dollars?

No Worries! There are so many FREE advertising options available to any business owner. Just keep in mind that FREE means hard work to keep it going.


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I highly recommend connecting with Kat and letting her show you and educate you on the potential for your business. I thought I had Doobert is pretty good shape and headed in the right direction. Kat did a great job opening my eyes to the potential. And now I'm excited!


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*All Marketing Programs have different results for different businesses, there is no Magic Bullet or Quick FIX marketing. Please keep in mind that Marketing & Advertising work when you are consistent! All Programs require a 30-day notice to cancel that program.