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adBidtise Selected To Audition For ABC’s Shark Tank

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Katherine Ramirez, Founder & CEO of adBidtise, which has been helping small to mid-size businesses stand out, survive, succeed and grow with affordable advertising options for three years, was selected to audition in Chicago for ABC’s hit business-reality TV show, “Shark Tank”. Kat hopes to make it on the show in hopes of securing an investment to scale and grow the adBidtise Tribe throughout the U.S.

Formed in 2014, adBidtise has been an advocate for small to mid-sized businesses by educating them about advertising options available to them and vetting out any advertising that would be a good fit for their business needs, expectations, and budget.

adBidtise is changing the advertising playing field by creating transparency and holding media companies accountable for the promises they make to businesses for the advertising investments they are getting from them. adBidtise believes every business should advertise and create a budget they can sustain for the life of the company, which should grow as the business grows.

adBidtise is the new way to buy advertising by holding the business’s hand, walking them through the buying process of advertising and managing their expectations so they can make good decisions when it comes to their advertising investment.

“Advertising to a business is just like air, food, and water for us to survive,” says Kat. “Without advertising, the business will fail!”

Kat launched adBidtise after navigating a successful career as an Advertising Sales Manager, helping thousands of businesses survive, succeed, and grow in markets including Milwaukee, Madison, Omaha, Albuquerque and Knoxville. After meeting with thousands of businesses, the number one objection in every market for her sales team was always “I can’t afford to advertise”. Realizing that many small businesses like don’t advertise because they can’t afford or understand how to, she started adBidtise to make advertising affordable and easy, providing services such as social media, Google AdWords, video production, building websites, email marketing and all forms of traditional media.

adBidtise will educate any business to manage their own advertising if they have absolutely no money so they can at the very least do it right. adBidtise works just like a typical advertising agency without the high retainers, spending level expectations, or pricing. There are NO SURPRISES as adBidtise is very transparent, spelling out pricing and making it easy for businesses to understand.


50% of Businesses will Fail within 1 year

95% of Businesses will Fail within 5 years

Over 80% of Businesses Don’t advertise at all!

Shark Tank features entrepreneurs pitching their businesses to wealthy investors including Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner, in hopes they will invest into the business. In the show’s ten seasons, the Sharks have offered tens of millions of dollars to entrepreneurs every day.

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