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Entrepreneurship Contest!

Video Production Entrepreneurs ONLY apply.



  • Recent High School Grad or College Student

  • Must be in the Fond Du Lac/Sheboygan Area within 30 Miles radius or anywhere between

  • Have a recommendation letter from a Teacher or Business Owner (not a family member)

  • Submit an essay saying why you want to be an entrepreneur and why video production is your passion.

  • Please submit a sample of your best video production work

  • Want to be an entrepreneur and know this is an investment in you and your business venture. The payback is a percentage of your profits over time.

  • Equal opportunity for minorities, women, and veterans.

  • Must be willing to be Mentored!

Looking for aspiring passionate video production entrepreneurs! I want to support a young aspiring entrepreneur who wants an opportunity to become a video production entrepreneur.

What do you get?

  • All the equipment to run your business!

  • Mentorship from a successful entrepreneur

  • Guidance and training

  • Marketing Support to get you started

  • Shared Office Space Once it is secured

  • Community Support


This is an investment in our community to support a young entrepreneur who has the passion and drive to become successful but does not have the resources.

I am fortunate to have the resources to GIVE BACK and invest in someone who has DREAMED becoming an entrepreneur. This is my investment in the future of our community.

How do you pay this back?

This is an investment in you so I will have a percentage of equity in your business that will relate to repayment when you start to make a profit. If you do not continue the business, all equipment will be returned to me immediately and if anything is damaged, we will work out a repayment of the value of that equipment.

This is only for responsible individuals who have the desire to become successful and succeed as an entrepreneur.

Any other questions please comment below and we will address them.

Thank you for your interest and Good Luck!

Submit Your Application here:

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